Acomo, Inc.

Adopted for "DX Scrum Team Project" sponsored by Tokyo Metropolitan Government

Acomo Inc has been selected as a team to participate in the Tokyo Metropolitan Government's "DX Scrum Team Project", which accelerates the challenges of startups and the promotion of DX among small and medium-sized enterprises.

Our company's mission is to "enhance the efficiency of the tourism industry", and we are developing various businesses related to tourism in Japan, such as check-in services for accommodation facilities, B2B ordering reservation systems, travel arrangements, and sightseeing spot support. increase. The proposed project content is "touchless check-in". We provide advance check-in using smartphones and QR codes, online payment in rooms and at the front desk, and a QR touch check-in service that can be completed in just one second. In recent years, due to changes in the global situation, measures against infectious diseases are becoming more important, and services that minimize contact are required. We will contribute to the promotion of DX in the hotel industry.

Representative Director Koji Hayashi commented as follows. “We are very honored to be selected for the Tokyo Metropolitan Government’s DX Scrum Team Project. Our Touchless Check-in Service is a new solution that achieves both convenience and safety for our customers. ”

The DX Scrum Team Project has provided us with a valuable opportunity for further growth and business expansion. We will continue to make proactive efforts to develop Japan's tourism industry.


What is a DX Scrum Team project?
The DX Scrum Team project promotes the implementation of innovative business models for startups and DX for SMEs by providing opportunities for startups and SMEs to form a “scrum” and work on demonstration experiments and verification of results.

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