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Grids Tokyo Asakusabashi Hotel + Hostel started providing PMS connection and pre-check-in service

AB Accommo Co., Ltd. (AB Accommo) operates "Grids Tokyo Asakusa Bridge Hotel + Hostel (Grids Tokyo Asakusabashi)", and the check-in service provided by Acomo Co., Ltd. (Acomo) is connected to PMS (Property Management System), achieving even greater efficiency. Grids Tokyo Asakusabashi will start pre-check-in service for visitors, and AB Acomo's other Grids Hotel + Hostel and Imano Hostel will also start pre-check-in service.

Grids Tokyo Asakusabashi


Changing Check-in experience for customers and facility

Customers who make a reservation at Grids Tokyo Asakusabashi will be able to check-in on the day in advance via the web on their smartphones, and will receive a completion email after pre-check-in. After the pre-check-in is completed, Grids Tokyo Asakusabashi will be notified of the pre-check-in of the relevant customer and will automatically set the hotel system to check-in. Therefore, when arriving, customers will be able to enter by simply telling name. Customers can also pay by credit card at the time of pre-check-in, so pre-paid customers will be able to enter the room smoothly after arrival. In addition to languages, the check-in form is available in up to 5 languages: Japanese, English, Korean, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese.

Check in by Scanning the QR


Future Partnership

AB Acomo and Acomo will continue to work to maximize the accommodation experience for our guests and enable more efficient accommodation management. Specifically, it covers not only check-in but also customers' stay and check-out, and also supports cashless payments in Japan and overseas. AB Acomo and Acomo will develop functions suitable for hotel operations, such as group check-in, separate check-in and filter for place of residence. In addition, AB Acomo and Acomo will work on hotel system at other facilities of AB Acomo such as Grids Hotel + Hostel and Imano Hostel.

Grids Hotel + Hostel and Acomo

Acomo check-in system and connection hotel system
Acomo is developing touchless check-in using QR codes and smartphones for accommodation facilities. The troublesome work for both the guest and the accommodation facility can be completed smoothly by connecting data. Simultaneously, by utilizing the pre-check-in function and payment function that allow check-in to be completed in advance before arrival, it will be possible to provide customers with more options. In the future, Acomo is developing service for check-out and for-customer-information-board for stay.


Company Profile, and Contact

Acomo runs business with the mission of "More Efficiency in Tourism Industry." We are developing various businesses related to tourism such as Touchless Checkin system, B2B ordering reservation system for accommodation facilities, and BPO for Tourist Destinations.


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