Acomo, Inc.

Adopted for "Utsunomiya Accelerator 2020" sponsored by Utsunomiya City x 01 Booster

Acomo, Inc. has been selected as one of 9 startup teams to participate in "Utsunomiya Accelerator 2020" sponsored by Utsunomiya City and 01Booster, Inc.


Press Release from 01Booster, Inc



The following is quoted from the press release of 01Booster, Inc.


About Utsunomiya Accelerator 2020

In 2020, the global pandemic of COVID-19, which is a historic disaster, has reached a turning point in an era that will be marked on one page of history. In the world of COVID-19, changes are occurring in the country, the existence of capitalism, the way people live and work, and everything is required to undergo drastic changes.

In such an environment, "Utsunomiya Accelerator" aims to create "startups that are at the forefront of change and become the creators of change", as well as fostering entrepreneurs, interacting with other selected companies, and local communities. We will do our utmost to accelerate business creation by conducting demonstration experiments with companies and providing opportunities for collaboration with companies that have adopted other accelerator programs.



Company Profile, and Contact

Acomo runs business with the mission of "More Efficiency in Tourism Industry." We are developing various businesses related to tourism such as B2B ordering reservation system for accommodation facilities, and BPO for Tourist Destinations.


Acomo Inc

Contact: Koji Hayashi

Phone +81-5055780667