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Acomo announces business partnership with ANA Trading

Started Business Partnership with ANA Trading

ALL NIPPON AIRWAYS TRADING CO., LTD. (ANA Trading) and Acomo, Inc (Acomo) will begin a business partnership from February 8, 2024. Acomo will further accelerate initiatives for digital transformation (DX), which is a big issue for hotels in Japan, and contribute to becoming a tourism nation.


Partnership Overview

This partnership is a business partnership to expand sales of the touchless check-in service provided by Acomo. In addition to Acomo's product strength, which is already in use at many facilities, we will improve the operations and services of hotels by connecting with domestic and international hotels of ANA Group, and by collaborating with a wide range of travel services. We have decided to form a new partnership with the aim of further accelerating our efforts. This will reduce the burden of front desk operations such as check-in and facility guidance at hotels, and enable smart and quick check-in procedures for guests, improving the efficiency and saving of staff workload, and customer satisfaction for guests. We will contribute to both improvements and provide new hotel experience value by solving problems through DX.

Reasons for Collaboration

Under the mission of improving the efficiency of the tourism industry, Acomo has been implementing touchless check-in. After the end of the COVID-19 pandemic, the flow of people, including inbound tourists, has returned across Japan. However, the industry, including hotels, is facing a serious shortage of workforce. To address the challenges in the industry as a whole, Acomo has been conducting business activities to promote its own products. On the other hand, our company or service had low awareness, posing a significant challenge since the launch of the service. In order for us to increase the recognition of our company or the service, we were actively seeking partners. Recognizing that ANA Trading is an optimal partner due to its extensive connections with domestic and international hotels and its ability to provide ample travel-related materials, we decided to realize the partnership. The fact that the entire ANA Group issues boarding passes through kiosks also holds significant societal importance, and Acomo supports this initiative.

Joint Exhibition at Hotel & Restaurant Show

We will be participating in the "International Hotel & Restaurant Show," a specialized exhibition for negotiations in the restaurants, hotels, and leisure industry, with ANA Trading from February 13th to 16th. At the venue, there will be a demonstration screen explaining our service, along with videos and panels for you to learn more about the details of our service.


ANA Trading Company Details

ANA Trading was established in 1970 with the aim of procuring goods necessary for ANA's aircraft operations and engaging in airport retail operations. Over the course of more than 50 years of activity, the company has diversified its business activities. As a unique entity known as an "airline-affiliated trading company," it has walked its own path.

  • Company Name: All Nippon Airways Trading Co., Ltd.
  • Estavlished: Oct 15th, 1970
  • Representative: Hiroyuki KUNIBU
  • Head Office: Shiodome City Center 1-5-2, Higashi-shimbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-7140, Japan
  • Shareholder: ANA HOLDINGS INC.
  • Main business: Aircraft parts acquisition/Aircraft import and export services, Aircraft leasing service, Marketing of semiconductors and security devices, Planning, development, and procurement of ANA in-flight service products Management of stores at airports, Import and sales of paper pulp and foods, Ad. Agency business/Management of the online shopping site
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Acomo Details

Acomo runs business with the mission of "More Efficiency in Tourism Industry." We are developing various businesses related to tourism such as Touchless Checkin system, B2B ordering reservation system for accommodation facilities, and BPO for Tourist Destinations.

  • Company Name: Acomo Inc
  • Estavlished: Nov 2, 2015
  • Representative: Koji Hayashi
  • Head Office: 3-27-1, Shimorenjaku, Miataka, Tokyo, Japan 181-0013
  • Main Business: Inbound tourism business for foreign visitors to Japan, Online check-in system business, System development outsourcing business
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