B2B Direct Reservation
Inquiry Service to
Hotels & Ryokans in Japan

acomo.jp is B2B group reservation system
for travel agents and hotels & ryokans in Japan
(Currently Japanese ONLY!!)

Speedy and Efficient Hotel Booking System

  • Direct Inquiry

    Direct Inquiry

    • Select the hotels & ryokans by area

    • Inquire and check the availability of selected hotels & ryokans

  • Reservation


    • Reserve the hotels & ryokans after matching

    • Easy to adjust reservation details

  • Management


    • All booking documents are saved and easily referred

    • Reminder sent at deadlines

Broad Coverage in Japan

  • Broad Coverage in Japan

    Major Area Covered

    • Major hotels and ryokans included

  • Hotel / Ryokan Growing Rapidly

    Growing Rapidly

    • Already 1000+ hotels and ryokans listed after launch in 2017


  • Enabling to Improve Reservation Operation

    With Acomo.jp (group reservation system), we succeeded to save big time to book hotels. Rather than calling hotels one by one, just making one inquiry and getting quotes is much more time saving. And also, dashboard and history of transaction help us easily managing the reservation status.
    Like our company, who is neither huge nor traditional Japanese agents, acomo system is useful for negotiating for good rates too.

    Milestone Inc.

    Milestone Inc.

  • Open-door to International Travel Agents

    One of the features we are really depending on is financial operation service. We feel very secure with this service when starting business with small-size-agents. Also inquiry information is well-made to communicate. It helps complementing cultural gaps. Many other features such as history and other IT function are boosting our opportunity to expand the international business!